Monday, April 6, 2015

The latest

My goodness,

I can't believe its been that long since l've posted in a blog.

So much has happened and changed since my last entry.

My most recent venture is heading back to TAFE - which is most likely what l'll end up talking about most (if l ever come back here lol)

Its the end of the Easter long weekend, and as l sit here with a head cold feeling miserable and tired, l can't help but want to study! I am enjoying learning again. I am a firm believer that your mind will go stale if you don't exercise it. I am attending two nights a week after work, and its local which is even better. There aren't any exams that l am aware of, a lot of it is assessment work. Its also a lot of "do it at your own pace" type work, and a lot of it l can do at home in my own time.

That part l am really enjoying - at home and in my own time. I started late into the course (I started in week 10 of term 1) so l have 9 weeks to catch up on, not an easy task. I have been told by my teacher that even though l did start late l will have the full 12 months to complete the course, it just means l will finish 9 weeks later than everyone else in my class. This applies for people who might start in June for example, they will still have 12 months to complete the course. I can tell my teacher would like it if l could catch up - l know it will be easier for both me and her if l can, but she has emphasised that she has no expectations and for me just to do my best.

So while its "school holidays" - ha l love those words, seriously, school holidays? I wish l could have school holidays! I am trying my best to catch up as much as l can. I have already gotten through 3 chapters of a textbook (13 chapters total) and have completed a fair few assessments and started some others. It's only the start of the holidays too, l would have liked to have been further ahead than what l currently am, but l have given myself a break as l'm sick.

My teacher is great and my classmates are all adults, no teenagers which is a bonus. Everyone wants to be there, not like surveying which started off with 2 classes of 60 people and dwindled down to 1 class of 16.

The reason l am doing this course? Basically so l have a back-up in life. I don't see myself doing surveying for the rest of my working years - l once used to, many years ago (l still cannot believe its been 10 years since l started working in surveying!) but now my knees and feet are screaming at me to take it easy, plus l can't do this type of job if l ever fall pregnant and want to start a family, there are far too many trip hazards on the sites l work on. I tripped over twice last week! The good thing though is if l ever do leave, l will always have surveying. It's something that will never leave me and l can always go back and keep going.

I've written myself a "study plan" - basically study for at least an hour everyday during the "school holidays" (there's those words again - hahaha!) which isn't going to be easy, with running a household now l am finding it hard to even just sit down and watch a favourite program on tv - l don't even think l have a current favourite - thats how long its been since l've sat down and watched something that wasn't the news!

In other areas of my life:

I am also coaching netball again this year, this time l'm going solo. I was an assistant two years ago, which l enjoyed but l am ready for my own team now. I'm also starting up again playing (took a year off with my bad knees) and am the Vice President for the second year in a row for my netball club.

I'm running a household now, been doing so for 6 months and l think l'm doing okay, we are all still alive and thats the main thing ... right? ;)

Still scrapbooking, but not as much unfortunately - even though l have an entire room that is dedicated to scrapbooking (!) l am finding it hard to find the time - then again working full time, studying, running a household, coaching, playing netball and being on the committee - yeah l'm really not surprised l don't have a lot of time!

Might be back, you never know!



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