Monday, April 13, 2015

Plantar Fasciitis

After having pain in my heel on and off for the last 12 months, a few weeks ago l decided l needed to do something more about it. I had an X-ray done in June last year, the report came back negative - no abnormalities, nothing wrong. Went to my GP with the report and the X-ray, he said the same thing. There is nothing wrong. Really? Nothing wrong? Then why is it impossible for me to put weight on my left foot without a shooting pain in my heel?

I put it down to injuring it somehow at work, either a sprain or a strain. As l'm constantly walking on uneven terrain it wouldn't have surprised me.

Over the past 10 months it's happened several times, all being put down to sore, tired feet. On and off, it gets worse and then it gets better again...

Until two weeks ago, where it was so bad that l could no put any weight or pressure on my left heel whatsoever when l woke up in the mornings before work(I'd have to grin and bear it and "walk it off". I decided to go to my new GP (since we have moved) and speak to him about it. He suggested an ultrasound, which l was more than happy to get done - only problem was it was a 5 day wait.

The ultrasound lady (don't know a more correct term!) was nice, but she had doubt in her voice when she was checking my heel. She kept trying to assure me they should find the problem. I picked up my results the next afternoon - no abnormalities, nothing wrong.

Frustrated, l went back to my GP, who read the report for himself and basically said there is nothing else he can do. I asked if l should go and see a Podiatrist, he said if l think it would be worthwhile then yes l should go. I booked an appointment for later that week.

The podiatrist was professional, very nice and easy to get on with. He asked me what the problem was (in terms of pain) and looked at my X-ray. At first glance he immediately said "you have a spur" and l joking said he must be kidding, after all the X-ray and the ultrasound reports both stated nothing was wrong. He pointed it out to me and sure enough, clear as day there was a spur. (I did look at the X-rays on my own after l got them back originally, l just didn't know what to look for)

We did some tests, and he observed how l walk. He said l am very flat footed, to the point that the degree that my foot is turning in was double the normal range. I told him l was surprised to hear that, growing up l always had a high arch in both feet. Due to surveying and being on my feet all day, my feet have slowly gone flatter over the years.

He has given me some stretches to do every morning and every night, as well as on my lunch break at work. I've also purchased some new joggers which are a more controlling shoe, the arch will help retrain my flat feet.

Its week 2 of "school holidays" (hahaha) of TAFE, l have completed half of one of my textbooks (which l think is a pretty good effort, considering they are allowing 36 weeks to complete that particular book, and in less than 3 weeks l have already finished half. The assessments are scattered throughout the book, and l have completed a fair few of those.

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