Sunday, September 2, 2012

20 Day Cleaning/Organisation Challenge - Day 1

The Organised Housewife
Hi everyone! I am partaking in The Organised Housewife's 20 Day Cleaning/Organisation Challenge!
I have a few differences to the program, l won't be participating every day, l work full time, Mon-Fri 7-5, and by the time l get home it is around 6. I have started today (3rd September 2012) which is Day 1 of the Challenge. I have taken a day off following the big game yesterday saying farewell to the two greatest NRL stars, Luke Burt and Nathan Hindmarsh.
Today the main challenge is to organise/declutter/clean underneath the kitchen sink. There was a list of other tasks to do if we had the time also:
  • Wipe Over Sink
  • Clean Benches
  • Wipe Down Cupboard Doors
  • Dust Up High
  • Clean The Microwave
  • Wipe Walls
  • Clean Window & Sill
  • Dust Light Fittings
  • Wash & Wipe dishes

I ended up doing most of the above, with Michaels help (he offered!) except for wiping the walls and dusting up high. I am going to leave those for another day. I completed the rest of the above as well as under the kitchen sink. I have some photos of before and after from todays efforts. Please note that the amount of washing/wiping up is a lot more than what would normally be there, especially with only the two of us. We went through our fridge and threw out/composted old food, and there are a lot of Tupperware containers that wouldn't normally be washed each time.

Here are some before photos:

Overall view of the kitchen from the entrance

A lot of washing up, a lot of it again is not what we would normally have, Michael would *kindly* leave all the washing/wiping up from the week for me to do on the weekend, as he is here during the week most of the time by himself, he doesn't use much each day, so would do one big wash up.

The things nearest to the window are all Tupperware, we just cleaned out the fridge and these are the containers that need to be cleaned and put away. The electric frypan in this photo is dirty awaiting to be cleaned from picklets from breakfast - yum!

Under the sink. I've previously tried to organise it (as you can see from the white basket) but we have accumulated more since the last time l did it. The large roll of Chux we got from Costco. I don't like using Chux as its not good for the environment, but when we do we try and get as much use out of one Chux and try and resuse as much as possible.

After Cleaning/Organising Photos:

Overall view of the kitchen at the entrance

Much better! I also cleaned the Coffee Machine while l was at it too =)

Michael cleaned the oven (the large one which we haven't used for about 2 years, its a really old Roden) so now hopefully we will be able to use it again. He also cleaned the microwave. The smaller oven (pizza oven) on top is our main oven.

Under the sink overview

Top shelf, at the back we have 2 bottles of CLR (only wanted one at the time but could only buy as a 2 pack) we used this to clean out or coffee machine, my parents have one also and they used it to clean it. I have soaps in the middle basket and the big Chux roll at the back. The basket on the right hand side houses all of the washing up things, which we will take out to wash up. It has a brush, scourer, sponge, Chux and dishwashing liquid.

Down the bottom, l have a basket at the rear for sponges/cloths, three at the front, L-R washing up liquid, bug spray, general cleaning sprays and wipes.

What a good boy! I didn't even ask him to help =)
So there is my overview from Day 1. Click the button above (at the very start of this post) to go to her website and download/print off her challenges.
As l mentioned earlier, l work Mon-Fri so l won't be keeping up to date with these challenges, but l am hoping to do one each weekend until l have done all 20.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stampin' Up!

I haven't posted in so long, and it's little wonder, I've barely had anytime to do anything! I've been very busy with Stampin' Up! (and I am loving every step of the way!) I have been promoted, and have 2 more workshops on the way!

I have been busy making cards =)

Hope your all safe and well =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy New Year....!

Happy New Year, and also Happy Australia Day!
I had a great break from work, unfortunately Michael didn't get any time off other than the public holidays so that was a bit of a bummer. I managed to get a lot of things sorted out and organised.
The two Stampin' Up! workshops that l have so far this year are this coming weekend and the following. I have designed one make and take for each and l am working on a second for each workshop as well, depending on how well the ladies work on the first one (which will be easier than the second)
I have collected 3 more cricut cartridges over the break, Kate's ABCs, Campin Critters and Give A Hoot. April was having a special at her shop, buy two, get one free. I have wanted Kate's ABCs and Campin Critters for a while, and Give A Hoot was also up on my wishlist so l thought why not? Saves me from purchasing all 3 at full price.
I also managed to get my hands on one of these:
Its another Corner Chomper from We R Memory Keepers, but its a smaller radius corner cut. This was so hard to find, no one sold it but l was lucky enough to find it! Couldn't believe my eyes when l saw it.
Not a lot has been done on the scrapbooking front, the last layout l created was an engagement layout:
Its a little bit squished, but l'm sure if you click on the photo it will enlarge it. I designed this layout myself. I had a idea of what l wanted it to look like in my mind and l'm pleased to say it ended up looking pretty close!
I have missed scrapping so much =( I have all this really cool product just itching to be taken out of its packaging and to be glued down!
Michael has his brand new shed, which means l will be able to have a bit more room in the spare room! We went to Ikea last weekend to buy this:
Woooooo Hoooo! We managed to get it AND in the white!
It will house all of my Stampin' Up! products, and l am hoping to have a "cube" for each type of product. E.g. adhesives, big shot (and dies and embossing folders), stamps (clear), stamps (wood), embossing powders, ribbons, brads (and buttons), Pastels/markers, stamps (retired), business supplies (catalogues, order forms etc) and my glass cookie jar.
Glass Cookie Jar?
This is my glass cookie jar. My wonderful upline, Pauline gave me this idea (along with a ton of others when l went to visit her one day during my christmas/new year break).
Its for workshops! Guests can pick a stamp if their name gets called out as a lucky door prize. 1st prize is a full stamp set, all other prizes will be from the jar. I embellished the jar myself (even tied the bow!)
As you can probably tell, l am REALLY nervous but also REALLY excited about my first workshops. I have looked at videos and websites to get tips and hints on how to host a great workshop, and my upline Pauline has been a load of help too!
Until next time (whenever that will be!) take care and happy crafting!