Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neglecting? I think not! (UPDATED)

I haven't been neglecting my blog, l swear! I have been going to update it and each time it won't update!

I have been pre-occupied with packing for the upcoming Scrapbooking Retreat with my good friend Chantal!! Woo Hoo!! Its 3 days, 2 nights, l am very much looking forward to it =) I have made some "kits" of my own, l'm hoping to finish the LRPBS album finally (its only taken me a year (!)) which will be wonderful to finally have finished. I am very much looking forward to sitting down and getting it done. I have printed off most of the photos, only need some now that are credit card sized. Only a few more titles need to be cut from my cricut, and that should be it, l have pre done the journalling, its one thing l don't really want to be wasting time on trying to think up what to write.

I will also be taking my copics and doing some colouring and making cards. I haven't done a lot of colouring lately - everything has been put on the backburner - this time of year is crazy busy! I haven't made a layout since my birthday in July! =(

I managed to get my hands on a nitfy little storage caddy for my Sew Easy from We R Memory Keepers:How pretty is it?? =D

I am also enjoying being a Stampin' Up! demo, even though l haven't held a demo/workshop yet, l have already reached my quota for the next 3 months, so l will be a demo at least until March next year! =)

To be continued.... l need to get going to work!

EDIT: This edit has been done on Saturday 22nd October, the day after my above post. So today - this morning l woke up at Michaels, came home and made dessert for dinner (BBQ at my parents house, l made a caramel tart - my dad absolutely loves it!) then l went on a bit of a scrappy road trip. I went first to Fantasia, in Bella Vista, found 2 cricut magazines there that l don't already have, as well as some doodlebug design cards and envelopes, but nothing else there really took my fancy. Then l went to The Scrapbook Cottage at Castle Hill and found heaps of chopboard titles and images, but not at all much else (they really don't have a lot there in terms of embellishments, or paper for that matter), then l went all the way up to Dural to Addicted to Craft, ended up getting another 2 cricut magazines that l don't have, and thats about it.

I came home agian (Michael was now there too! He had changed his tyres on his car during the day, he did it himself! He constantly amazes me that man) and a nice lady came to the door, who was a Creative memories consultant, and gave me the following things:An expanding 12x12 file, this not only expands at the top, but also the bottom, and holds up to 12x12 papers!A 12x12 paper/kit holderA Tool Tote, this is a two section tote, both sections can be seperated with the zipper. One is a flat section, the other is an up to 4 compartment tote.And the best of them all, a rolling trolley! This will be PERFECT for the retreat, as well as night/day crops =) Its HUGE and will save me multiple trips to my car to get supplies! Its super solid, and super pretty!

Your probably wondering WHY this lady came to my door and gave me all this stuff? The answer is simple. For my birthday this year, Michael didn't end up getting me anything, well, he got me a beautiful boquet of flowers, but nothing that would last =( If those flowers could have lasted forever that would have been ideal! However, l didn't know what l wanted so l told him to not worry about a present for me, until l figured out what l wanted! With a crop just recently, and the upcoming retreat, l knew l had to update my storage for transportation situation. My good friend Chantal was a Creative Memories Consultant, and she has the trolley, and the tools tote and the expanding file, on one of my visits to her place she showed them to me and l fell in love! they were exactly what l was looking for in terms of organisation and storage. So, Michael went and ordered the above items and they arrived at my house today =) Very happy scrapbooker right here =)