Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fathers Day and Stampin' Up!

Hi fellow scrapbookers/card makers!

Last night my friend Caitlin and l went to another Stampin' Up! night at Lawson. We had a great time, laughed loads and l got to see her precious little girl again!

I made these 5 cards:

 Manly card

 Medallion card - l was super chuffed when the lady next to me asked if she could copy my idea for the card! =)

 Maybe engagement card? Don't know yet

 Valentines Day Card

Card  l will be giving to my Grandpop this afternoon. Thanks to our Stampin' Up! lady Pauline for showing us this great technique for the background, using glossy paper and baby wipes!

I have made a different card for both my dad and Michaels dad, will have to take a picture and share later.
Off to spend the day with my Dad, and then seeing my Grandpop later this afternoon. Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful and loving Dad's out there! XXX


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