Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hi scrapbookers!

Yesterday my friend Chantal and l went to an event called Cropworks - an all day scrapbooking crop at Beaumont Hills. The ladies there were so fun and really easy to talk to, l'm looking forward to going again!

I made 2 double layouts and this card:

I made it using Marci Ballerina stamp and copics. =D Really happy with how it turned out!

I also made these cards, l made 3 of each. These however are not my design, they are out of a card pack from Stampin' Up!

Absolutely loving these stampin up products, l enjoy the workshops and meeting new people =)

Bit of a sad note to end on... there was a stray that turned up at Michaels house last weekend, we have been feeding it since (its so very very thin) and it is a lovely natured kitty. We had been hoping it was microchipped (as it was so affectionate and not scared of us like other strays are) so we took it to the pound, and they checked for a chip, but there wasn't one =( He will be kept there for 7 days minimum. I hope someone adopts him and gives him a loving home that he very badly wants. We would keep him, no second thought about it, but Michaels cat Graham isn't too fond of it, he hisses at it. The poor stray also has cat flu at the moment. The lady at the pound assured us he should find a home - being as friendly as he is. I hope she is right.

Anyway, until next time... xx


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