Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi fellow scrapbookers!

I had my 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I recieved so many well wishes, cards and gifts. I appreciate everything everyone did for me. Its nice to have special people in your life =)

I have seen the trend of making a layout marking your birthday - and putting a list - most of the time the nunber of items matches the age you have/will be turning.

I decided to jump on that bandwagon and give it l go. Not a huge fan of doing layouts about myself at the present, l prefer to do layouts on the past - but l bit the bullet and just jumped it and did it.

Sue from Scraploot gave me this challenge: 3 colours, 2 different ribbons, 3 flowers and a chipboard flourish, and this is what l came up with:

I did scraplift the idea and the use of the patterned paper in the background. I'm pretty pleased with it - well l should be l'm the one that will have it in my album hehe.

Until next time!!


Pinkladibug said...

Hi Sarah, Happy Belated Birthday!....I dont do layouts anymore since my boys are adults now but you did a wonderful job on this guys look so cute.


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