Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi everyone!

Its been a while since l've updated! Last Monday l didn't get a chance, l was so worn out from work, and l ended up making my partner a card for his birthday. Its not overly creative, so l'm not going to share, but its a camera shaped card l cut using my Cricut and Gypsy. Its not overly creative as there isn't a lot you can do to a camera to make it look nice, it just looks like a camera! LOL

Lately l've been lucky enough to be taught how to use Copic Markers by Rachael Daniels at Scraploot. I am LOVING these markers, Rachael told me its an addiction and l didn't believe her at first but now l get it! I have been scouting out scrapbooking stores which have specials on for the markers, and this weekend l have picked up a few more to add to my collection. Here are two photos of projects l have done, the second one isn't finished yet (the hair still needs to be done, l don't know which markers to use for that) but l am really pleased that l've been able to do this! Copics have scared me to be honest before l started using them. I wasn't the best "colourinerer" at school, and this whole "blending" thing was throwing me!

I've got my Copics stored in their Copics bag, l know other people store theirs differently, but the case works for me, its nice and light and padded. I can take it anywhere and l know l won't lose any markers. Some other ideas are putting them in buckets and plastic storage holders, which all look so pretty with all the colours together at one glance!

Taking Rachaels idea, l have used a re-usable bag for storage of everything Copic. I've used a Tupperware bag (why not? Hot pink!) to put my marker bag in, stamps, ink, acrylic blocks, baby wipes, stamp press and my A4 folder of blank paper and projects l've done.

At the moment l like La La Land stamps, in saying that l have only used one other stamping brand, which is C.C. Design. I like how La La Land stamps have a nice thick edge to their images, which makes it harder for me to colour outside the lines. With practise l hope l will be able to use C.C. Design stamps and others like Magnolia and Greeting Farm.


Pinkladibug said...

Hi Sarah...I just wanted to see how you wre doing with your Copics....I have been coloring almost
I am definitly addicted...I think you are doing a GREAT job and its cool that you can take a class once a month...Im going to look in my area for a class.
Make sure to check out
The lady there Suzanne Dean has great tuturials for us beginners...
Thanks for the lovley comments you give me on my blog.


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