Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

It was pretty much that - a whole weekend of family time! 4 bunches of flowers, 2 handmade cards, 4 cooking books, 1 scrapbooking book and 4 mouisterisers/creams later!! Saturday Michael and l went to my parents house for a lovely baked lunch, we had chicken and baked vegies - yummy!

Today l went to my grandmas house while Desley was gardening with Michaels Nan. I was there for morning tea with my parents and brother and we looked at old family photos. I came back to Michaels house in time for a BBQ lunch we were holding for his mum, and his nan and pop (his dad was unfortunately at work). I LOVE weekends like this - you feel so great and loved by so many people at the end!
I have added the photos from our Eatser camping trip to the layout l made prior to the trip (l was so excited with the patterned paper l couldn't wait!):

I did scraplift the design, l don't know where l got it from but l did change a few things. As they say, if its beautiful to begin with, why change it? All in all a fantastic weekend, can't wait until next year!


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