Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello fellow paper crafters!

I have been a bit M.I.A lately, but for good reason ! I have been asked to make place cards for my grandmas 75th birthday next month on the 7th, and I have around 80 to make! I will try and get a photo up when I can. I am using all stampin up products except for the glitter.

I also have two workshops so far lined up for 2012!! So excited!! I am looking forward to designing the make and takes!! I have also been asked to do a sample for my birthdays daughters 1st birthday party!!

Santa was very good to me this year, I got not one but two ottlites! One is a desk lamp and the other is a floor lamp. I also got a 12 x 12 paper trimmer guillotine.

We are also very seriously considering getting a garden shed so Michael can put all of his shelving units and tools in it and get them out of the spare room (my scrap room) so I can get some more storage. I have my eye on the expedit from Ikea to fill in the space as well as my tall 12 x 12 paper rack and spinning display rack.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year =)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Testing this out on my new iPhone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stampin' Up!

Hey scrapbookers/paper crafters!

I have a special offer on at the moment. If you live in New South Wales, Australia, l am offering to send you one free catalogue (RRP $12.95) as well as a mini and some other interesting reads!

To get your free Stampin' Up! catalogue, please send an email to me at with your address (full address please) and name.

I will endeavour to get your catalogue out to you as soon as l can =)

Until next time =)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Retreat =D

Retreat was SOOOO much fun!!!

I took Thursday off work to pack, and boy oh boy did l need it! I got my brand new trolley and bags out and filled them to the brim. Printed off photos and triple checked my list of things to take.

On Friday (which l also had off work) was the day of the retreat, but before l went, mum and l went to the Papercraft Festival at Penrith Panthers. We were in the

door right on 10am, and we were ready to shop! I picked up a cricut cartridge, lots of chipboard titles, thickers, copic markers and lots more. It got pretty packed towards lunch time, but luckily mum and l had finished so we had lunch together at Panthers.

Afterwards l went to the retreat, the ladies were so nice. I unpacked my things and got settled into the room that Chantal and l were going to share. Quite a decent sized r
oom too.
I ended up almost finishing all of the LRPBS album, only 2 towns to g
o, Silverton and our return to Lightning Ridge. Pretty stoked its almost done. I also did a layout on Bella, a double page on Max and another double with no photos yet. I also made a clipboard for a challenge and did some copic colouring. I also made 23 xmas cards, making the total 38 - l wonder if that will be enough this year?!?
I won a game of bingo, and l won a donated prize at the auction, all proceeds going towards cancer research.
Now for some Stampin' Up! fun!

Last night my mum and l went up to Lawson to participate in the Stamp-a-stack held by my upline, Pauline. She designed these beautiful cards and we all made 5 of each:

I have also finished (finally) the canvas l made:

I haven't got any pictures of the layouts from retreat, but l am hoping to get them up soon =)
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Neglecting? I think not! (UPDATED)

I haven't been neglecting my blog, l swear! I have been going to update it and each time it won't update!

I have been pre-occupied with packing for the upcoming Scrapbooking Retreat with my good friend Chantal!! Woo Hoo!! Its 3 days, 2 nights, l am very much looking forward to it =) I have made some "kits" of my own, l'm hoping to finish the LRPBS album finally (its only taken me a year (!)) which will be wonderful to finally have finished. I am very much looking forward to sitting down and getting it done. I have printed off most of the photos, only need some now that are credit card sized. Only a few more titles need to be cut from my cricut, and that should be it, l have pre done the journalling, its one thing l don't really want to be wasting time on trying to think up what to write.

I will also be taking my copics and doing some colouring and making cards. I haven't done a lot of colouring lately - everything has been put on the backburner - this time of year is crazy busy! I haven't made a layout since my birthday in July! =(

I managed to get my hands on a nitfy little storage caddy for my Sew Easy from We R Memory Keepers:How pretty is it?? =D

I am also enjoying being a Stampin' Up! demo, even though l haven't held a demo/workshop yet, l have already reached my quota for the next 3 months, so l will be a demo at least until March next year! =)

To be continued.... l need to get going to work!

EDIT: This edit has been done on Saturday 22nd October, the day after my above post. So today - this morning l woke up at Michaels, came home and made dessert for dinner (BBQ at my parents house, l made a caramel tart - my dad absolutely loves it!) then l went on a bit of a scrappy road trip. I went first to Fantasia, in Bella Vista, found 2 cricut magazines there that l don't already have, as well as some doodlebug design cards and envelopes, but nothing else there really took my fancy. Then l went to The Scrapbook Cottage at Castle Hill and found heaps of chopboard titles and images, but not at all much else (they really don't have a lot there in terms of embellishments, or paper for that matter), then l went all the way up to Dural to Addicted to Craft, ended up getting another 2 cricut magazines that l don't have, and thats about it.

I came home agian (Michael was now there too! He had changed his tyres on his car during the day, he did it himself! He constantly amazes me that man) and a nice lady came to the door, who was a Creative memories consultant, and gave me the following things:An expanding 12x12 file, this not only expands at the top, but also the bottom, and holds up to 12x12 papers!A 12x12 paper/kit holderA Tool Tote, this is a two section tote, both sections can be seperated with the zipper. One is a flat section, the other is an up to 4 compartment tote.And the best of them all, a rolling trolley! This will be PERFECT for the retreat, as well as night/day crops =) Its HUGE and will save me multiple trips to my car to get supplies! Its super solid, and super pretty!

Your probably wondering WHY this lady came to my door and gave me all this stuff? The answer is simple. For my birthday this year, Michael didn't end up getting me anything, well, he got me a beautiful boquet of flowers, but nothing that would last =( If those flowers could have lasted forever that would have been ideal! However, l didn't know what l wanted so l told him to not worry about a present for me, until l figured out what l wanted! With a crop just recently, and the upcoming retreat, l knew l had to update my storage for transportation situation. My good friend Chantal was a Creative Memories Consultant, and she has the trolley, and the tools tote and the expanding file, on one of my visits to her place she showed them to me and l fell in love! they were exactly what l was looking for in terms of organisation and storage. So, Michael went and ordered the above items and they arrived at my house today =) Very happy scrapbooker right here =)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Wooo Hooo!

I have recently signed up to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! Yee Haaa! I've recieved my starter kit in the mail (Oh boy it was MASSIVE!!) So much product for a cheap price! I can't believe how much l got, so many new (well, new to me) products to play with. I am really liking the quality of their products too - cardstock, ribbon, buttons, inks - not to mention their punches and of course their stamps!

I am hoping to do a workshop soon, until then, l'll be enjoying all the new toys l get to have a try of! =)

Happy stamping/crafting/scrapping!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

More LaLa

Second post of the day! On a roll! Strange, l haven't posted on my blog for a while, l've been neglecting the poor thing and all of a sudden *BAM* two posts in one day!

Enjoying Fathers Day with my dad, just about to head on over to my grandma and grandpops, thought l might do a quick upload (again!). First things first, l've changed the blog layout, l was getting a bit bored of the other one, l like the red vibrant background and the pennants!

Secondly, l've been able to get my hands on the following LaLa Land Stamps (l'm addicted!)

 Mermaid Marci

 Faerie Marci

 Princess Marci

Birthday Marci

There are still a fair few that l would like to get =)

Fathers Day and Stampin' Up!

Hi fellow scrapbookers/card makers!

Last night my friend Caitlin and l went to another Stampin' Up! night at Lawson. We had a great time, laughed loads and l got to see her precious little girl again!

I made these 5 cards:

 Manly card

 Medallion card - l was super chuffed when the lady next to me asked if she could copy my idea for the card! =)

 Maybe engagement card? Don't know yet

 Valentines Day Card

Card  l will be giving to my Grandpop this afternoon. Thanks to our Stampin' Up! lady Pauline for showing us this great technique for the background, using glossy paper and baby wipes!

I have made a different card for both my dad and Michaels dad, will have to take a picture and share later.
Off to spend the day with my Dad, and then seeing my Grandpop later this afternoon. Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful and loving Dad's out there! XXX

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hi scrapbookers!

Yesterday my friend Chantal and l went to an event called Cropworks - an all day scrapbooking crop at Beaumont Hills. The ladies there were so fun and really easy to talk to, l'm looking forward to going again!

I made 2 double layouts and this card:

I made it using Marci Ballerina stamp and copics. =D Really happy with how it turned out!

I also made these cards, l made 3 of each. These however are not my design, they are out of a card pack from Stampin' Up!

Absolutely loving these stampin up products, l enjoy the workshops and meeting new people =)

Bit of a sad note to end on... there was a stray that turned up at Michaels house last weekend, we have been feeding it since (its so very very thin) and it is a lovely natured kitty. We had been hoping it was microchipped (as it was so affectionate and not scared of us like other strays are) so we took it to the pound, and they checked for a chip, but there wasn't one =( He will be kept there for 7 days minimum. I hope someone adopts him and gives him a loving home that he very badly wants. We would keep him, no second thought about it, but Michaels cat Graham isn't too fond of it, he hisses at it. The poor stray also has cat flu at the moment. The lady at the pound assured us he should find a home - being as friendly as he is. I hope she is right.

Anyway, until next time... xx

Monday, August 8, 2011


Michael and l are Engaged!

Very excited =) It was so romantic and sweet - l've known it would be happening for a while - in February we went shopping for a ring, and came across a bridal set at Michael Hill jeweler. It is so gorgeous, l can't stop looking at it!

Its so strange getting presents and cards from relatives and friends - probably because l've been waiting for months for him to propose!

It all started on February 13th, the day before Valentines Day, and we were out shopping at Castle Hill Towers and he mentioned it! I was obviously extremely excited - we went looking at all of the jewelers and the bridal sets they had on offer, and l fell in love with my gorgeous one at Michael Hill.

Michael asked both of my parents permission! My parents were so excited, mum squealed in delight and dad was chuffed, shook Michaels hand and gave me a cuddle. Michaels parents were just as pleased! It was really nice to have them excited for us, and happy for us.

It all happened up at Leura on the 24th of July, we went looking at the boutique shops on The Mall, had lunch in a sweet cafe, then went looking at the beautiful Everglades garden (where my cousin got married) in the afternoon. It was there that he popped the question!! The ladies at the souviner room were squealing when we told them, apparently its the first engagement they have heard of happening there (and one of the ladies had been working there for over 10 years)

Such a wonderful thing to happen to us =)

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi fellow scrapbookers!

I had my 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I recieved so many well wishes, cards and gifts. I appreciate everything everyone did for me. Its nice to have special people in your life =)

I have seen the trend of making a layout marking your birthday - and putting a list - most of the time the nunber of items matches the age you have/will be turning.

I decided to jump on that bandwagon and give it l go. Not a huge fan of doing layouts about myself at the present, l prefer to do layouts on the past - but l bit the bullet and just jumped it and did it.

Sue from Scraploot gave me this challenge: 3 colours, 2 different ribbons, 3 flowers and a chipboard flourish, and this is what l came up with:

I did scraplift the idea and the use of the patterned paper in the background. I'm pretty pleased with it - well l should be l'm the one that will have it in my album hehe.

Until next time!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday Book

Hi fellow scrapbookers!

Because Michael and l have so many friends and family members each its hard to keep track of people's birthdays. He has mentioned a few times he would like a "birthday calendar" which isn't like a normal calendar but one that only shows dates, not days.

I made for him this sweet birthday book, which l bought at a scrapbooking shop at Dural, Addicted to Craft, and it was only $16! Bargain!

There are full instructions and all of the embellishments are included (minus some prima flowers, but these can easily be substituted with some flowers from your stash:

Cover Page
Inside sample - FebruarySample inside - July
Outside (spine)

Michael loves it and is now grateful that he can now see at a glance who's birthdays are coming up, and l no longer have to keep reminding him (l hope!) Now just to fill it up with everyone's birthdays!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stampin Up!

I went to my very first Stampin Up! get together last night, and wow was it fun! My friend Caitlin and l took the drive up to Lawson for the night, the class lasted for 3 hours. Pauline taught us how to make these two cards:

We made 5 of each, all ready for Christmas! Here is a close up of the purple window card:

The night was really well organised, nice ladies, coffee, tea, cake, lucky door prizes it was fantastic! I can't wait until l go again next month!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have become very much in love with the La-La Land stamps, moreso Marci!

I have done a little colouring tonight:
Really happy with these, even Michael said l'm getting better =) Just need some hair colours and l'll be able to finish them all off =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Apologies to everyone! I have been on a holiday up at the Gold Coast for the last week. We visited Michael's brother and his family as well as Michael's cousin and his family. We enjoyed seeing the theme parks, eating at some nice places - including the lovely home-cooked meals as well, can't beat a home-cooked meal!

While l was gone, l haven't got anything to show you! I've been too busy building up my supplies! I found two scrapbooking shops up there, there are a lot more than that l'm sure, but as we only had a limited amount of time there, l only wanted to spend one day looking around at them. One was Photo Continental - can l just say... WOW! This place is huge!! It just never ends! I also visited Arnolds Scrapbooking Store, which was substantially smaller, but did have everything l was looking for.

My collection of cricut cartridges has grown (you can see my current list on the right hand side of my blog) as well as my collection of La-La Land stamps. I have purchased a few sets of Spellbinders Nestabilities Dies as well for the first time! I haven't used them yet but l am very excited =)

So unfortunately no pictures of anything at the moment! Stay tuned, l will be putting up some pictures in the next couple of days, maybe even tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi everyone!

Its been a while since l've updated! Last Monday l didn't get a chance, l was so worn out from work, and l ended up making my partner a card for his birthday. Its not overly creative, so l'm not going to share, but its a camera shaped card l cut using my Cricut and Gypsy. Its not overly creative as there isn't a lot you can do to a camera to make it look nice, it just looks like a camera! LOL

Lately l've been lucky enough to be taught how to use Copic Markers by Rachael Daniels at Scraploot. I am LOVING these markers, Rachael told me its an addiction and l didn't believe her at first but now l get it! I have been scouting out scrapbooking stores which have specials on for the markers, and this weekend l have picked up a few more to add to my collection. Here are two photos of projects l have done, the second one isn't finished yet (the hair still needs to be done, l don't know which markers to use for that) but l am really pleased that l've been able to do this! Copics have scared me to be honest before l started using them. I wasn't the best "colourinerer" at school, and this whole "blending" thing was throwing me!

I've got my Copics stored in their Copics bag, l know other people store theirs differently, but the case works for me, its nice and light and padded. I can take it anywhere and l know l won't lose any markers. Some other ideas are putting them in buckets and plastic storage holders, which all look so pretty with all the colours together at one glance!

Taking Rachaels idea, l have used a re-usable bag for storage of everything Copic. I've used a Tupperware bag (why not? Hot pink!) to put my marker bag in, stamps, ink, acrylic blocks, baby wipes, stamp press and my A4 folder of blank paper and projects l've done.

At the moment l like La La Land stamps, in saying that l have only used one other stamping brand, which is C.C. Design. I like how La La Land stamps have a nice thick edge to their images, which makes it harder for me to colour outside the lines. With practise l hope l will be able to use C.C. Design stamps and others like Magnolia and Greeting Farm.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Recipe Box

I have decided l won't be doing any challenges this week, so instead l worked on a continuing off the page project of mine, a recipe box:The box was from Kaisercraft, as well as the paint (turquoise), the paper is My Minds Eye, Mod Podge was used to adhere and seal the papers. I used my cricut and my "From my Kitchen" cartridge (just LOVE this cartridge!) to cut the "recipes" and 3d cupcake all from chipboard. This was the first time l'd used chipboard with my cricut, l think the chipboard l used was a fraction too thick as it didn't quite cut through 100% of the way, it cut through enough to be able to push the pieces out, but there were some stray chipboard layers in some places. Only took a few seconds to remove and smooth out, which l think is completely worth it for the chipboard effect. I haven't completely finished the box as l'm unsure of how to finish it, but l am so happy with it! All design is 100% me =)

Side view of my box, l love these papers!

Top view of the lid.
Close up of the layered chipboard, cut from the cricut.

Its not completely finished, l still have to put the silver handle on, as well as fill in the font and side panels.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Baby

My good friend gave birth over the weekend, l am so excited to meet her! She is one adorable little baby!

I have made her this card using the cricut, and "sugar and spice" cartridge:

Over the moon for her!

Balloon Card

Whenever l hear or see the word 'balloon', it always reminds me of my brother. It was his first word as a baby.

I made this card for a challenge at Cooking With Cricut.

It was cut using "Celebrations" cartridge and my gypsy. I used kindy glitz to make the circles and a brad for the center of the knot so my card can do this:
So it can be turned to reveal the inside message =) I used a Hero Arts sentiment stamp and tuxedo black ink.

Thank you again Cooking With Cricut for another great challenge =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gypsy and PJ Social Scrap!

What a FUN weekend l just had!

It started on Friday, l had the day off work so l organised and got together my scrapbooking supplies as well as home-made kits for me to take with me to Scraploot's Pjyama Social Scrap Night.

Saturday morning l did a class at Scraploot which was a Copics Class, and was run by Rachael Daniels. It was great to be able to use copics for the first time and get a feel for how they work. Rachael was nice enough to let me borrow hers for the class.

That night the Social Scrap was on! It started at 4pm and went until 6am on Sunday morning - l only stayed until 12, but 8 hours isn't a bad effort l don't think! I got 4 layouts done and 2 cards.

Over the weekend l also bought one of these:

I bet you could guess how excited l was!! I also got a cute clutch bag to put it in (also cricut brand). I haven't had a play with it yet (as l'm yet to recieve it) but l am looking forward to it very much =).... so yeah an amazing weekend!!